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Merry Christmas!


Isn’t it the absolute greatest time of year? The cold, the candy, the cocoa, the caroling…It’s just the best. It’s also the season of giving, and that’s perhaps my favorite part of the season. I love getting gifts and giving gifts. This year I would love to give YOU a gift, my internet friend. I might not know exactly what you’re into or what you asked Santa for this year, so I thought maybe a gift card would be nice. I’m not an enormously wealthy individual so I can only give out a few. If you’d like one, fill out the little boxes below and I’ll put your name in a bowl along with anyone else who might want a gift card. If I pull your name out of the bowl, BOOM! The gift card is yours! You don’t have to buy anything or share this on Facebook or anything like that. You don’t even have to follow me on Instagram (although I wouldn’t mind…). Just enter your info and you may get a Starbucks, Amazon, or Target gift card!*

Every Monday evening in December leading up to Christmas (Dec. 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th) at 7pm (Central Standard Time), I’ll post a video on YouTube announcing that week’s winner. Your home address and email address will NOT be announced. Only your first and last name. See you soon, hope you win!

*Mailing address must be within the United States



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Let’s get acquainted. I’m Micah, and this is where I hold most of my hobbies, interests, and random ideas. Some of them even have their own websites:



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