My Master Plan

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of the promises I made to myself.

No one thinks I’ll actually accomplish any of this anyway, so I may as well just share what I’m planning to do with my life.

As I have pretty thoroughly treaded and retreaded over written form and video, when my cousin and childhood best friend suddenly died in a car accident in 2018, my entire world was shaken. I looked at myself and life in a completely new way. After the grieving period and two years of depression had begun to subside, I dedicated myself to becoming everything I had always dreamed of becoming. Doing all I had dreamed of doing. And in 2022, my plans were (for the most part) laid out and I began my first step in that direction. This is phase one.

Everything begins with identity. Who am I? That’s what I’ve set out to discover. As I’m discovering, I’m sharing here, and on my YouTube channel. I’ll share more next week.