A Little About Me

Whenever I introduce myself, I inevitably get asked where I’m from. I never know how to answer that question because I don’t really know exactly where I’m from.

When I was born, my father was a traveling preacher and so I literally grew up in vehicles, motel rooms, churches, and a travel trailer. We had houses most of my life but spent more time in the homes of other people than in our own. The concept of having a “hometown” was something I almost only knew about from movies. Neighborhood friends and classmates weren’t a reality for the majority of my childhood. My mother home-schooled  me and so she, my father, and sister were the only people consistently in my life. I grew up with three people no more than three feet away from me virtually from birth until I started attending college. And even in college, I lived at home. We remained a single car family until my sister, three-and-a-half-years older than me, got her first car at age eighteen.

I had all sorts of wonderful and laughable experiences and adventures growing up the way I did. My family was able to slow down here and there and I made friends and got to take karate lessons and wage wars with neighborhood kids and fall in love with a dozen or more girls, all by age ten. My father also was a pastor a few times during those years and I spent six of them honing my singing ability in the privacy of our little east Texas church auditorium. Everyone in the family sang, especially my sister. My father’s mother and my mother’s father were both professional musicians and singers at one time. But except for a few rare and terrifying occasions, my severe stage fright kept me from singing in public until a college friend of mine forced me to sing with her at a talent show on campus. I eventually auditioned for a background singing part in the school’s chapel services. That same semester I joined a southern gospel quartet called the Harvesters. The quartet traveled almost every weekend and sang in churches and conventions and even civic events around the country. My last summer with the group, we traveled to Italy.

I left the Harvesters and dropped out of college. During that time, Pernell, a friend and coworker of mine, started a band with me called 1PM, and we made a single entitled ‘Ain’t No Future.’ Also during that time I joined the staff of my parents’ church as the worship leader and youth pastor. Nearly a year-and-a-half later, my parents resigned and went back to traveling. A few months later, my buddy and former quartet member, James Bridges talked me into going back to school and rejoining the Harvesters in January of 2018. By the end of January I was completely out of money, joy, creativity, and motivation. It was the lowest point in my life. Pernell had been doing marketing for a local restaurant and got me a job as a waiter on February 1st. Three weeks later, for reasons still unknown to me, they made me a manager, and I began a fun and crazy nine-month adventure in the restaurant business. Due in part to that crazy adventure, Pernell and I put an end to our band in October of 2018 and I started making plans for more music on my own. I left the restaurant at the end of November and started whatever it is I’m doing now.

I think you’re up to speed.

I’ll be documenting the ensuing shenanigans on here and on all of my social media profiles, the links to which are accessible on various spots on every page of this site.

The adventures continue!


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