10 Reasons Today Is A Good Day

1. You’re alive.

Not everyone can say that. You might not even think being alive is that special. But it sure beats being dead.

2. It isn’t yesterday.

Never before in history has today happened. This is the only today there has ever been. Do something today to make it different from yesterday!

3. It isn’t tomorrow.

Have you ever made plans for the week and then get a phone call or a piece of news that threw all your plans out the window? Tomorrow might not happen, but today is here. Do something today since you might not get another chance (as long as it’s a good, legal thing of course)!

4. You can read.

According to ProjectLiteracy.com 1 out of 10 people around the world still can’t read. Reading can take your mind from a boring cubicle to a grand ballroom, the deck of a pirate ship, or to an alien planet. Reading is a superpower. Use it to discover what’s happening around the world on this specific day!

5. Exchanges are taking place.

Look around. People in business, people in relationships, musicians, painters, salespeople, your boss, your coworkers, classmates…they’re all exchanging information, ideas, opinions, dreams, fears, hopes…there’s something beautiful about the unique perspectives and exchanges that are going on all around you right now. Many of these exchanges are only happening today. That’s pretty special!

6. You’ve got the power.

Still not a fan of today? Change it! Hate your job? Quit! Hate your class? Skip! Hate school? Drop out! I’m not saying you should be irresponsible. I think you should weigh the pros and cons before changing your life. It doesn’t usually work out for the best when you make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. But if there’s something specific that makes today a bad day, and it’s been making your days bad for a while, you should look into changing that thing. Why does that make today a good day? You have the power to make that change!

7. Food.

You didn’t go hungry today, did you? If you did, you could probably sell whatever device you’re using to read this article and use the money to buy food. Chances is are you have multiple options for food. You probably didn’t even have to hunt or pluck or pick or shave or clean or de-leaf or boil or roast the food you ate. Maybe you had to microwave it. Maybe you even cooked it in a real oven. But if food isn’t something you worry about having access to, I’d say it’s a pretty fantastic day!

8. Friends.

You have at least one. Friends are great. They’re a team of people who believe in you and want you to succeed. They’re great for bouncing ideas off of and spending time away from the more draining things in life. Call or text a friend and tell them how much they improve your day just by being your friend. If you don’t have a friend, you have the internet. We live in the social media age. Go find some friends online!

9. There was probably a day worse than today.

Even if everything I’ve said so far isn’t really doing the trick, I imagine you’ve had worse days. I know I have. If you’re down today, look back on all the yesterdays and see how many things today are better. I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

10. This is the journey.

Today may be an important day in your life. It may be the day you’ve been working toward for years. And you may be disappointed in the fulfillment of today. But take courage. There isn’t a single person alive who has completely “arrived.” You’re on a journey. You don’t have to have everything figured out today. Don’t waste it, because you don’t know if tomorrow will come. But don’t fret, because you’re still in the process!

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