Kindness On A String


November 07, 2018, 2:44pm


The day after a midterm election.

Everybody’s angry. I’m angry. I lashed out pretty harshly at a relative last night when I found out they didn’t vote. People are unfriending, unfollowing, blocking, and excommunicating each other. Stress is high. Fear is high. I know I’m not telling you anything you aren’t seeing and experiencing yourself, so let’s move on to my point.

I’m the world’s greatest kazoo player. I have a bag of kazoos in my car at all times because that’s what I do. One day, I decided to grab a friend, tie some kazoos to the ends of the strings of balloons, take them to the local park, and see how many children would except these little random gifts. The goal was to make people smile. It worked. Only one old dude sitting on a bench with a book in his hand refused our offer. That little activity sparked an idea: what else can I tie to the string of balloons and give to strangers? How many more smiles can I bring to people’s faces?

This isn’t a very well written article but more of a journal entry. Keep checking in on this post to see all of the ideas and efforts to bring some kindness on a string to people who really seem to need some these days.

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