How To Be More Manly

This article is not even remotely close to exhaustive.  But here are five simple ways to increase your manliness. I didn’t want to waste time with an introduction, so let’s just get into it.


1. Get On The Mister Scale

Before we can get any further, let’s establish where you are. Ken Graves, one of the manliest men I ever got to meet, acknowledges that not all men are built to be Vikings. Some men are sensitive and caring. They can be manly too. Ken Graves puts it this way: manhood is a scale of Misters. On one end of the scale, stands Mr. Rodgers. A kind, intelligent, yet masculine man. On the opposite end of the scale stands Mr. T. Ken Graves’ admonition to all men is to find out where they fit on that scale and get on it. And, maybe move in one direction or the other. Now that you’re on the scale, let’s move forward.

2. Get Inspiration
Davy Crockett, Teddy Roosevelt, and Sylvester Stallone are just a few great inspirations.

But do not confuse inspiration with emulation. An artist who creates a work of art after being inspired by another artist is still an artist. An artist who emulates another artist is an artist in training. They aren’t themselves yet. Many “experts” in manliness tell their adherents to find a man that inspires them and then emulate that man. This isn’t the best idea. One of the most manly qualities to have is a clear identity. You can’t be who you were born to be and simultaneously be doing your best Clint Eastwood impression 24/7. I also don’t want to fill this article with the equally useless, vague, and seemingly contradictory command to “be yourself.” Instead of emulating a manly man, use him as some sort of a rule book. Would Chris Kyle wear skinny jeans? Would Steve McQueen ever utter the non words “totes presh?” Would John Wayne desecrate his own hands by picking up a book about a sparkly vampire? You get the idea. Use manly men to inspire and guide you when you suspect something you’re about to do might be stupid. In all other circumstances, be yourself. I even hate to say “be yourself” because it sounds so dumb. Perhaps I can better explain this with a separate article or maybe two in the near future.

3. Do Something Hard
What’s hard for you? Making yourself go to the gym? Getting up early? Asking a girl out in person? Learning how to fix something around the house or on your car? Do something that you don’t really want to. Do it just because you’re a man. Men do hard things. Western civilization was hard to create. Men built that.

4. Don’t Be A Feminist
Here’s something you may not know: Humanity has existed for many thousands of years. And there have been two genders the whole time. Women have enjoyed and suffered a variety of statuses and roles throughout this time. Men have treated women well, treated them poorly, abused them, neglected them, and worshiped them. The newest atrocity in the west is the invention of male feminists. Men who consider themselves –by virtue of being men– to be part of the causation of female suffering. These “men” therefore fight for mythological rights that women are inexplicably and unprovably denied. Ever heard that women get paid seventy cents for every dollar a man makes?

Feminist men are henpecked beta-males who act like women, identify with women, and feel more than they think. The irrational existence of these creatures is truly baffling, and the motivations of this metamorphosis from man-child to man-hater are diverse and probably deserve their own article. But for now, I’ll just leave it as a tip. Don’t be one.

5. Get Comfortable With Weapons

You don’t have to be Wyatt Earp. You don’t have to be that guy with the skull shirt and a van full of guns. But as a man, you have an obligation to protect what belongs to you and the people who love you. If you live in a country that allows guns, buy one, get a license to carry it, and get to know it intimately. If you don’t have the legal ability to have a gun, get a knife, bat, or anything you can wield for defense. Don’t stop there. Look at your surroundings and recognize ordinary objects that could become weapons. Be prepared to protect and defend yourself, your possessions, and your loved ones.


Implement these five tips and your increased manliness will be a breath of fresh air to the whole world.




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